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"Science Fiction Seen from the Right" Reviewed

An important thing for a published book is to be reviewed. This is part of the reception of the book. And now the first review of Science Fiction Seen from the Right has seen light of day.

The first review of Science Fiction Seen from the Right has been published. James O’Meara of Counter-Currents has meticulously read my essay, and meticulously pointed out this and that in the case. Read the review here.

You could say that the review is about 51% positive about the book. The later part of the review has some praise for it. With that in mind, there’s also some criticism aired.

As for instance regarding the traditional angle of the book.

O’Meara intimates that the book isn’t really covering traditional strains. For instance, he says that Herbert’s Dune would be “pretty much the only – book/author that fits” the traditional costume.

To this, I, as the author of the book, say: with the method employed by O’Meara, not even Dune would pass the traditionalist test. For in book 2 of the series, Dune Messiah, Herbert reverses everything heroic and grand about book 1, Dune. And God Emperor of Dune (book 4) can be read as a scathing criticism of monarchy, feudalism, religion and all. As I say in my study, Herbert had this “bipolar” strain and it’s all over the Dune series. It has instances of “anti-tradition” throughout, along with the glorious archaism and traditionalism.

The thing of it is, to find 20th century authors showcasing traditional ideals isn’t easy. There virtually aren’t any thoroughbred traditional fiction authors nowadays. Examine them closely and out comes a man that might seem like a flaming liberal in many cases. True, we do have essayists like Evola and Guénon stating what tradition is and is not. However, when looking at 20th century fiction, I find it more fruitful to examine authors who may not “be” textbook traditionalists, but who “represent” traditional strains.

With this in mind, I think it’s justified to speak of for instance Heinlein and traditionalism. For instance, look at him when he (in Space Cadet) has a general saying that an officer must be “a true and noble knight”. And when he in Glory Road has the hero giving a beginner a lecture on how to be heroic. In modern literature it doesn't get any more traditional than that.

Further, it’s justified to speak of traditionalism when looking at Tolkien and C. S. Lewis with their worlds imbued by “the feudal spirit” and faith. It’s justified to examine the authors the way I do because — again — maybe they would fail a traditionalist exam — but, the important thing is what they in critical cases “represent” — and that, to me, is traditionalism. They acknowledge eternal values like duty, honor, courage, faith and justice.

That is why my general outlook still holds, I figure.

True, in some instances I might profit from what O’Meara calls “minuscule Tradition” along with the defining, “majuscule Tradition”. The attitude of fleshing out the study with “ordinary conservatism” along with the cutting edge, archaic Traditionalism. However, this I put up on the “grey area” account. And maybe I should have supplied some disclaimers regarding this in the introduction. You can’t have too many disclaimers these days, I’ve noticed.

However, I do have disclaimers in the book. Like regarding Heinlein. Which I both give pride of place in the book, giving him chapter 1 to shine in plus a major part of the last chapter. To me, he is the “iconic” right-wing SF writer because he gloriously represents the conservative, traditional mindset in SF garb. Then, of course, he also had liberal and libertarian attitudes and this I note. I do “disclaim” Heinlein as a Traditionalist stalwart through and through. Yet, in many a good book he represented conservative attitudes and for this he will, to me, remain the iconic SF rightwinger for ever and ever amen.

Another thing. The book is not a translation, as O’Meara intimates. It was written in English, by me, from start to finish.

The review is critical. Some criticism is delivered...! But — as hinted, there’s some praise too. In all, it’s a fine text doing the book some justice. Do read it, I say.

Svenssongalaxen Presentation of the Book
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Counter-Currents Reviews my SF Essay

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Some Poems Posted in November, 2016

Hereby some poems by Lennart Svensson, author of several modern classics.

I will now publish some choice poems, creations of timeless beauty and wisdom. The first poem is called Obey the Bey.
Badilidam, badilidoo,
I'm a singer and a poet, I sing as I go.
Dig-a-loo, Waterloo,
that's what we sing in Sweden
in Eurovision and so.

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine,
oh yes, oyez, you'd better obey --
obey The Bey, Ardath Bey,
the wise ol' Egyptian,
the adept and scholar,
the mystic, the rustic,
the king of it all.

I sing for fun, I blog on the net,
writing my poesy for all and sundry.
This blog fares well, there are readers
and stuff, visitors in the night.
It all fares well -- so I bid you,
for now, farewell!
You've just read a poem by me, Lennart Svensson, the editor and proprietor of this blog. There seems to be some visitors to this site and for that I'm glad. I mean, currently I'm not so eager to push it among people. The readers come anyway.

By the way, the pic above is of the Temple of Debod, Egypt.

- - -

Now for the next poem: The Sun in the Dark.
The sun shines in the dark
beaming through space, illuminating Earth
lighting my way as I go shopping:

- sunripe tomatoes

- solar grain bread

- mellow yellow bananas

- Solisan vitamin drink

Sol invictus! Triumphant Sun!

The sun burns in the dead of space
boils in 5,000, maybe FIVE MILLION degrees
radiating its heat into the abyss
and reaching our clod of earth
filtering through the atmosphere
sieving through the air
shining through a tree
and shining on me
as I go home from the store
with solar bread in my basket.

I'm a legend in my lunchtime, a poet and a pundit, a king and a clown, for ever seeking Harmony, Beauty and Spiritual Passion.

I seek and I find, the journey's over, I've arrived. "Home is the sailor, home from the sea / and the hunter is home from the woods" as Stevenson put it. Or, as I myself am putting it in the next poem, called Flower in the Desert.:
The Pilgrim went out into the desert
and there he found a flower,
who said "pick me, I'm nice".
So the Pilgrim picked it and
right then he just knew
this was the Flower of Sun.

Shall I stay in this desert, he mused
or shall I bring this Flower of Sun
to the people, let them rejoice
in its beauty and marvel at the colors?

From desert plains I bring you love...
From desert plains I bring you love...

With these lines from Judas Priest,
those Metal Gods of yore,
the Pilgrim went along and headed
for The Great City, whose lustre
shone ever so brightly beyond the horizon
of the nocturnal desert.

(The rather fine picture is "Desert Flower" by alien9875.)

How sweet it is...! Oh I dare say.

What then, do I say? I say: how sweet to express yourself in poetry. It's so tight, so dense, so full of information in the tiniest space possible.

So enough of my yakking, whaddaya say, let's boogie -- with the next poem -- the fourth and last -- called, Searching:
Searching for tomorrow,
searching for a read,
searching for a blogpost,
searching for some fun...

So how 'bout that apatia they talk about:
enjoy the silence, enjoy the nothingness,
shûnyatâ... how is it done, how...?

Just sit down and dream, la-la-la...
think about nothing, the nothingness now...
I am nothing, I am void, space, infinity...
extinction -- and expansion, evolution:

I have become Cosmos, the galaxy whirl:
"sarva-loka-pravriddha", dance with me Shiva...

My Amazon Page
Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
The Not-So-Good of Philip K. Dick

tisdag 22 november 2016


This is the nine-year jubilee of this blog, presented in Swedish. -- Det är alltså nioårsjubileum för Galaxen idag. Det första inlägget postades 22/11 2007. Det var en annan värld då, tänk vad tiden går.

Bloggen fyller nio år idag. Tjoho.

Jag har inget särskilt att säga om bloggens förflutna just nu. Annat än att denna blogg har varit en trevlig hobby under dessa år. Från november 2007 till idag.

Jag har genom åren bloggat om ditt och datt. För att ge ett slags tvärsnitt av eländet denna jubileumsdag, härmed några länkar till personer jag bloggat om.

Ska vi börja i Sverges samtid kan man ju nämna detta inlägg om David Nessle. Nessle är en serietcknare och kreatör som kan förtjäna några rader.

En figur som vagt påminner om Nessle är Leonard Borgzinner. Denne norrman avled 1990 och förtjänar också några rader. En kreativ man, allt annat lika.

- - -

Nu gå vi till historien. Jag har även bloggat om den. En av de historiska figurer jag berört är Alkibiades, en athenare under peloponnesiska krigens stormar.

En person som är diger på historiska innebörder är vidare Robert E. Lee. Han var sydstatsgeneral under amerikanska inbördeskriget. Lika innebördsrika var andra världskrigets Patton och Rommel. Rommel var en något udda figur men visst var han historisk, ett generalsskap väl värt att studera.

En god representant för amerikansk general under efterkrigstiden är annars Norman Schwarzkopf. USA:s krigsmakt är iofs en imperialistisk erövrarmaskin, det har vi sett sedan Vietnam men ännu mer sedan Afghanistan och Irak. Men alla militärer gillar inte att användas som instrument för elitmaffian. Därför finns idag en gruppering inom Pentagon som kallas "White Hats", omnämnt i detta inlägg. Folk som Schwarzkopf tycks mig ha det rätta virket att vara en Hederlig General, en som förstår att uppfylla den ed man svurit, den att försvara konstitutionen. White Hats idé är att som soldater försvara konstitutionen, det har man gått ed på, inte US, Inc. som är elitmaffians rofferi- och utsugningsprojekt.

- - -

Det handlar om människor på min blogg. Går man till andliga storheter finns det ju några stycken. Men jag inskränker mig till de mer biografiska texterna. T.ex en sådan som den om Vivekânanda. Han var en indisk guru som verkade under början av 1900-talet. Han och hans lärare Râmakrishna hade sina poänger.

Fler porträtt av andliga typer som getts på bloggen, är t.ex denna över Swedenborg, en storsvensk andeskådare, och denna över Carlos Castaneda. Denna länk går till en recension av hans första bok. Här har ni bloggens hela Castanedatråd.

- - -

Personer jag bloggat om under dessa nio år: de är så många att jag knappt kan räkna dem. Men jag har till exempel skrivit några rader om Lasse Holmqvist (1930-1996), som hade ett möjligen gripande levnadsöde som stor TV-kändis på 80-talet. En skåning likt Holmqvist var för sin del Åke Ohlmarks (1911-1984) som jag alltid kommer att digga. Han var översättare, författare och bråkmakare.

- - -

Slutligen en figur i gråzonen: Arne Treholt. Han var intressant. Och skyldig. Denne norske Sovjetmedlöpare förtjänade sitt straff. Det sägs aldrig i MSM. Där hålls han om ryggen av mediavänstern.

Så denna dag är "lite festlig". Men det ska inte hindra mig från att polemisera om ditt och datt. Som i de länkar jag gett som ibland har lejonklon framme.

David Nessle skrev "Stadsliv"
Leonard Borgzinner
Carlos Castaneda

onsdag 16 november 2016

Secret History Wordlist

What's happening? Don't ask me, I'm just a blogger. However, as a theory of what might be going on in the world right now, a possible pattern of some operators wielding "power," I suggest the below outing into the realms of "secret history". Actually, it's rather much "contemporary times" -- but -- the historical perspective is there too. Thus the caption. -- Disclaimer: I don't take responsibility for every aspect of the things listed below. I merely report. You decide.

CABAL, THE: supposed elite group wielding some international power. This term -- Cabal -- is used by figures like David Wilcock (q.v.) and other lightworkers reporting on the world -- so, it would be hard to say that it's a mere fantasy. See "Illuminati" below for more info on the group.

DRAGON FAMILIES: not to be confused with the White Dragon Society (q.v.). The Dragon Families might be old Chinese royalty forced into exile to the Philippines after the Communist takeover in 1949. Or maybe they are mainland Chinese, who knows. -- The head of the families is one alleged figure called "Grandfather". Reportedly, these families have enabled the revaluation of world currencies, especially the US currency, by lending the new US Treasury in Reno, Nevada, a lot of gold. Thus, these Dragon families call the shots and they even -- they say -- demanded that Paul Ryan became interim President of the Republic. Because, the US that Obama leads is the illegal US, founded surreptitiously in 1871 (q.v. "US, Inc."). -- A synonym for "Dragon Families," sometimes used, is "Chinese Dragon Elders".

FULFORD, BENJAMIN: Canadian journalist born in 1961, working out of Japan. He reports rumors etc. from the intelligence and secret society communities. His reports are in a virtual grey area, forming a pattern of elsewhere unreported political phenomena. And sometimes his reports present real titbits, like saying that the Pope Benedict would abdicate, one year before he actually did that (he abdicated in February 2013). In this way even the posting of rumors can be of value. Here we have his website.

GNOSTIC ILLUMINATI: a possibly more intellectual branch of the Illuminati founded in 1776 (q.v.). In the Hebrew vein, the Gnostic Illuminati might be opposed to the post-7th century BCE development of Talmud. -- The "Gnostic Illuminati" keeps popping up in the reports and I don't know what to make of them.

ILLUMINATI: secret society founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt. Some ten years later the society was outlawed and disbanded -- but -- it did survive, reportedly morphing into "The League of the Just" and then becoming part of the international Communist Party. This was in the mid-19th century and by this time the Illuminati also, reportedly, had co-opted Freemasonry, for example in the United States. -- The Illuminati is reportedly holding the US and a lot of the world in its grip by means of financial, political and media-wise control. It's the "deep state, shadow government"-aspect of current politics.

NESARA: a reform package doing away with much of the ills of today, like ending economic slavery, creating world-wide peace and returning the US to constitutional government. More of NESARA in this post.

OLD EUROPEAN ROYALTY: old European imperial and royal families dethroned 1790-1918 (the Russian Romanovs, the Austrian Habsburgs, maybe even France's House of Capet). Allegedly they still hold power, along with still enthroned royal families like Windsor, Bernadotte and Orange of Holland. Their power consists in, on the one hand, real estate and amassed fortune -- and, on the other hand, "invisible" power like tradition, contacts and "the royal aura". -- What's the role of "Old Royalty" in this pattern? I don't know -- but -- it seems that we shouldn't count this faction out in the ongoing power struggle. See also "Dragon Families," they might be ancient Chinese royalty, and they now reportedly "run" the US by way of gold supplied to the new US Treasury.

US, INC.: a mimicked corporate copy of the original Republic of the United States. After the Civil War 1861-65 the US Republic was bankrupt. In this situation, shady forces united to make it a corporate entity by drawing up a document called "The Constitution of the United States of America". The real, 1789 document was entitled, "The Constitution for the United States of America" -- see the difference? Such wordings are important in legal matters. With this technicality the Cabal could have congressmen and servicemen unknowlingly swear allegiance to them and not the Republic. It virtually created a "US, Inc.", in its latest incarnation domiciled as an off-shore company in Puerto Rico. -- Then there was the Federal Reserve act of 1913 whereby a private bank cartel created the dollar, as such, a sort of debenture and not "valuable money." With this, the Cabal took economic control along with the political, done in 1871. -- The Fed's 99 year charter ran out in 2012 -- thus, US, Inc. went bankrupt on December 24, 2012. The issue was formally settled in an international court in 2013. Reportedly, the US, Inc. was formally disbanded by the Roman Catholic Church CEO, Pope Francis, on September 22, 2015 (since the Catholic Church had a stake in the US since way back, this also being part of the Cabal shenanigans). The Chinese, in order to regain its American investments, then started the process of creating a new US currency and a restored Republic, done by ledning out gold to a new US Treasury in Reno and demanding that Paul Ryan (Rep) became Speaker of the House. Ryan would also become interim President of the USA. Reportedly he was sworn in as such already in 2015. If so, Obama is just a "spokesperson for the now bankrupt US, Inc." [Edit: this October 24 update on Sananda website explains how the "US, Inc." was formed in 1871.] [One minor error in the just linked post is that it has founding father "Alexander Hamilton" as the key player of these 1871 events; instead, it must mean Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State of the U. S. Grant government.]

WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY: Japan (?) based secret society, reportedly on the good side though this is hard to judge. Journalist Benjamin Fulford (q.v.) often mentions the WDS in his reports.

WILCOCK, DAVID: spiritual American writer born in 1973, educating us with titles like The Synchronicity Key (2013) and The Source Field Investigations (2011). Along with spiritual matters he covers "secret history," money issues and politics of the surreptitious kind. Here is his website.

WHITE HATS: supposedly "good" operators within a government, like "Pentagon White Hats," "FBI White Hats" etc. In the current context, with the US Military refusing to conduct imperialistic wars all over the world, for instance Pentagon might indeed have a White Hat hegemony these days.

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Aquarelle by Robert Svensson

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Rave Review of Borderline

My essay Borderline was published in 2015. The current year, 2016, in April, Heathen Harvest had a review of the book.

The review is written by American poet and author Juleigh Howard-Hobson. Apart from praising the book for being what it was meant to be, a readable overview of perennialism for today's culture, she appreciates the book's style. Like saying this:
And because Borderline is a supremely well-constructed book, [a certain chapter] concerns the creation of all that shares in the state of being (...) [T]his could be heavy-going, but Svensson manages to punctuate the ponderous with light “unscripted” statements like, “I must have forgotten noting it when putting this down on paper once” (concerning the ultimate source of a creation myth), that make a chapter’s worth of philosophical musings on the beginning of existence lively and interesting rather than deadly and dull.
To this I say: indeed, some effort on style was made when writing the book. I suspected that hundreds of pages of conceptual discussion could be hard to digest, therefore, I aimed at a style of "tight but loose," allowing for passages like the one noted above.

The review continues saying this, also touching on the style of the book:
Svensson gives a quick summation of Vedic Philosophy after this, having dived into it (so to speak) while discussing the creation of everything. It is fascinating to note that when he talks about The Rigveda, “the Upanishads and its successor, the Bhagavad-Gita,” the translations he uses are his own. This is even more fascinating when you realize that the book you are reading is in English although Svensson himself is Swedish, and he still manages to convey both personality and intelligence.
The review says a lot of things, virtually all of it in a positive vein. This paragraph sums up the text rather well:
There are twenty-six chapters that make up the bulk of this two hundred thirty-three-page book, which is also comprised of an introduction, a coda, aphorisms, a list of sources, and an index of persons mentioned. Spanning from Plato to Castaneda, Svensson manages to not only capture the essential spark and esoteric meaning of conjectures regarding ontology—the nature of being—but he also manages to recast these conjectures in a new light, “so that the educated reader of today gains clarity in the matter.” Achieving such a feat is not an easy task, I imagine, but achieve it Svensson most certainly has.
The whole review can be found online here. As such, Heathen Harvest has been online sine 2003 as a site for neofolk, ambient and industrial music plus related literature of the traditionalist kind.

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Gangleri/nl Review of the Book
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November Entry

I now say this, deliberating on a topical subject.

The (Dem) candidate didn't win the election. For some reason I'm rather glad of that.

Then what about the actual winner, (Rep) candidate Donald Trump? Is it true, as the just linked post intimates, that he in the total process won't be president, won't be sworn in in January? Is it true that, as the post quotes, "[t]he Donald knows full well he will never be President, as such he’s playing a role of informing the public, subtly and not so subtly sometimes, of the cabal’s deceit in service of the Republic.”

Will Trump step down in favor of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan?

- - -

These are rumors. Of a persistent nature. And -- the mere fact of Trump winning the election makes the September post where I first aired these rumors still topical.

So remember this, for what it's worth. Surprises might await us ahead. Again, it was fine that HRC didn't win. The election result should probably be seen as a victory for peace and such. But we're still in the grey area.

Because -- the US Republic is in a sordid state. And in need of restoration -- a restoration to constitutional government.

Is this what we see now, played out before our eyes? Or, "secret now, public later"?

I don't know. And I don't take responsibility for all the aspects in this.

Here's a summation of the conceptual landscape ahead, an explanation of terms like Nesara, Paris Treaty, US, Inc. etc. etc.

Role of Trump
Picture taken by me, LS, on the Christer Strömholm-exposition, held in Sundsvall's Library in September.

torsdag 3 november 2016

Svensson: Virtual Guru (short story)

This is a short story by Lennart Svensson, the Swedish writer born in 1965, known for his essays "Borderline" and "Science Fiction Seen from the Right". -- In a future military academy the cadets are given a virtual walk through military history.


There was nothing strange about it, just a battle simulation game: just a virtual walk through military history as one of many exercises for the Republican Army Cadets. After graduation those cadets went on to fight a real war against alien aggressors, the Paloozans and their allies, but never mind that. Never mind the ins and outs of that simulation game either, it’s just a setting for our story.

Well now, a story: we need a main character and that’ll be Cadet Sergeant Otto Graf, 22. He had taken part in the war for some time as Private 1st Class, had acted bravely on a forced landing and had been promoted Sergeant and Squad Leader. Then one day, in 2487, having successfully completed the Sisto campaign, he was sent to the War Academy on Massmo. And there he studied all the subjects, like tactics, blue and red force organization astrography etc. He had a good time in all, however busy. It was like "boot camp with books".

And then one day it was time for the virtual battle, the computer generated military history tour. The cadets’ performance in this game was judged by many standards; for instance, there wasn’t any ordinary gaming taboo against being killed, as the rules of bushido were common knowledge in the 25th century: you fight, you die. However, neither was there an intrinsic value in just going out there and being killed. The game let you endure some self-imagined pain, as well as despair and joy and pride and whatever feelings there were in a battle. It was for real in every sense of the word but the physical.

So one day, Cadet Graf was led into the actual VR-chamber, got strapped to a chair, and was fitted with helmet and sensors measuring handsweat, EEG, and REM. The sensory deprivation made him relax, the input data and the images got him into combat mode – and to make a long story short he was soon fighting from a war chariot at the field of Kurukshetra, he was a hoplite at Plataea and a centurion at Zama. He was a sword fighter at Fyrisvall and he was a 17th century trooper in Europe.

He fought virtual battles, fought as an historical soldier in emblematic encounters.

As intimated he had reached the era of horse and musket, and as a pertinent cavalry man he one day, one virtual day rode through a frozen country with copses of defoiled maple and ash. He wore a tricorne, a blue coat, breeches and riding boots. The horse was grey with a black mane. Riding up on a little knoll he descried a castle in the distance, with towers and steeples and a welcoming light shining above the gate. He followed an urge to visit the castle so he rode away to it, crossed the draw-bridge, left his horse to a groom and went inside.

And there, in a resplendent hall with chequered flooring and marble pillars, a white-bearded man in a green cassock was sitting on a throne on a dais. He nodded as Graf entered. Graf for his part bowed and took a seat on a simple chair below the dais. Through a lancet window he could see the wintry landscape outside, complete with yellow clouds scudding across the sky.

”You are a soldier,” the man on the throne said. ”I am Shuddi-Buddhi, a teacher of sorts, a guru if you will. So what do you want to know? You’ve seen some action already, that I can tell.”

”True,” Graf said.

”Then why did you come here?”

Graf didn’t know – and he was slighty confused as tho why he had to answer a question like this. This was all Virtual Reality, all part of the academy’s hands-on exercise in military history – ”hands-on” in that the cadets shouldn’t just read books about yesterday’s war but experience them too, if only in a computer-generated setting.

It was a rough class in military history – so why then was he here, why was he talking to an odd magician in a dream-castle? Shouldn’t he fight some additional wars, be out there in the thick of battle? But maybe the academy teachers had some motivation for this scene, to see if the cadet could act courteously or ask intelligent questions to men of knowledge or somesuch.

Graf then gathered himself and asked what he believed to be an intelligent question:

”Sir, what is the most important thing in the universe?”

”Life,” the teacher said without flinching, ”because everything is life. From electrons revolving around the nucleus of an atom to planets circling a sun. Fish and fowl, insects and mammals, scudding clouds and rotating galaxies; everything you see is life.”

”So what about making death your business then? As I am doing, being a soldier?”

”Well,” the bearded man said, ”if you are a soldier just for the hell of it, just to fight and kill, then you’re beyond relief I’d say. But if you’re fighting a war in order to make a better peace, then I see nothing wrong with it. You’ve got to have ideals.”


Ideals? Graf nodded. He asked himself if he indeed had any ideals. Well, maybe he had. Maybe he didn’t fight just for the hell of it: fight for the love of fighting, like some mercenary soldier of old. But someimes of course, out in the front line of the Paloozan war, he had felt the pull from the dark forces: he had experienced the allure of the battle itself, had sensed its rough charm, the urge to stay there forever, operating in an eternal No Man's Land. It didn’t matter then if the war ended, if only he could continue to fight and kill and command men and see the rocket ships flash through the skies, about to support their advance with sickly green fluoride lasers –

”To fight is easy, to live is hard,” the guru said. ”So while you fight you’ll have to remember that maybe one day the war will end, and then you’ll need personal contingencies, you’ll need some mental preparedness for what to do then: set up house, get a proper job... But when the solider starts to love his occupation for its intrinsical values, then he’s in a grey area I’d say...”

”But if you want to go career,” Graf said, ”then you must love your work in one way or another.”

”Well, do you? Want to go career? Aren’t you merely training to be an officer in the reserve? Big difference there, I gather.”

Graf had to admit that. He couldn’t see himself working as an officer in a peacetime army. He was simply a reservist, a good one at that, but he would never be a dyed-in-the-wool soldier, one who only thought about ranges of fire, cover and concealement. There were lots of other things in life he valued – as life itself, the planets in their courses, the sea full of fish, the birds in the skies... Smart guy this guru, he made you think, Graf mused mused.

Smart guy – and wise. He had that special aura about him, that indefinable something, that je ne sais quoi that made you want to linger and ask question about this and that. And the guru didn’t seem to be in a hurry, he just sat there as if he had all the time in the world – so Graf cleared his throat and asked:

”Now, if life is the most important thing in the universe, then what is it that creates life?”

”Well,” the teacher said, ”what do you think yourself?”

”I’d say God.”

”Why? Couldn’t life arise out of itself?”

”Hm,” Graf said, ”I’d said no. Because many scientists have tried to create life, but none have succeded. Not in the last 5-6-700 years or so...”


”No,” Graf echoed. ”That artificial intelligence thing you hear engineers intimate, this is just a pipe dream. And as for robots, well – they are nice toys but nothing more.”

”You’re very wise, my son,” Shuddhi-Buddhi said.

”Am I?”

”Yes, you truly are. Don’t you want to change career? I mean, after you’ve won the war, look out for a clerical career?”

Now it got strange, Graf thought. Change career, take some spiritual vows; one thing at a time, please... Then again, you never knew. Me, a priest? Stranger things had happened.

”But of course you needn’t be an ordained priest,” Shuddhi-Buddhi said. ”You could be a learned man in general, an informal guru.”

Graf nodded and thought, ”Or a virtual guru like you...”


The clouds sailed across the sky. The throne room was quiet. Graf wanted to say something diplomatical, something to round it all out.

”Anyhow,” he finally said, ”your company has been most enlightening.”

”Thank you,” the man said. ”But you already had some of the answers inside you, whatever it was you wanted to know. I’m like Socrates, performing his majeutical practice."


”His 'art of the midwife'. Assessing the pupil’s questions you sound out his conceptual depth, what he knows and knows not, and by asking counter questions you get him to realize the truth by himself.”


”It truly is.”

”Well, thank you for everything Great Teacher, Guru, Shuddhi-Buddhi!”

Graf got up from the chair, bowed and left the hall. And back in the saddle he continued his virtual mission, the march through military history. Next he rode to king Charles XI's camp in Småland, Sweden, to join him in fighting the Danish invader at Lund. In a mounted scuffle he was shot in the back by an enemy trooper and fell to the ground bleeding, mortally wounded.

On the next level of the game he commanded a French cavalry squadron in the battle of Austerlitz. His unit carried the day, partly because of Graf’s skill with the rapier. Then the scene shifted and he was commanding an infantry platoon at Missionary Ridge, storming up the slope against murderous rifle-fire. However, the unit came through and planted its banner on top of the ridge. Next, Graf was a Japanese infantry officer storming up another height, Height 205 in Port Arthur. In this battle Graf fell by a rifle shot in the chest.

Through the bogs of the Masurian Lakes as Schütze, over the Galician prairie as Austro-Hungarian ulan, through Meuse-Argonne as leatherneck was his way. There were ski-patrols in Finnish Lapland, envelopment of a bunker on a sun-baked Pacific atoll, city fight in the Rhineland urban sprawl, a landing at Inchon and a contest over the Hué citadel -- which was taken -- with Graf in the lead, wielding a .45 -- but -- he didn't see a North Vietnamese infantryman firing at him from a cranny -- so he died -- his last death.



In the VR chamber Graf was unstrapped from the chair, freed from helmet and sensors and could walk away as a free man – or at least as a cadet in the world of the 25th century. For that part, Graf discussed his experiences in the computor game with his fellow cadets, especially the talk with the guru in the castle. Here his friends looked at him in amazement; no one else had experienced anything like that. One of his comrades even reported him to the teachers’ board on these grounds; an investigation was made, trying to find out if Graf maybe was crazy and unfit for command.

However, he was eventually acquitted for lack of evidence. But he never again mentioned his encounter in the castle with the glorified teacher, the white-bearded, blue-clad Shuddhi-Buddhi. No one ever got to know about their talk about life and death and God, and whether one should go career or stay on as a reservist.

But what did Graf himself make out of it? Was it real, had their meeting actually taken place?

As an esotricist Graf decided that this had been part of the Astral War. A "virtual" episode, a dreamworld experience, real in the way that significant dreams could be real.

Science Fiction Seen from the Right
Another Short: The Swedenborg Machine
Johan Philip Lemke: "King Charles XI and field marshal Erik Dahlbergh riding among the enemy during the Battle of Lund".

måndag 31 oktober 2016

Grey Area Gabble

This post is mainly gabble, stream-of-consciousness, out of my head, babble, prattle and chatter. However, there is some kind of meaning to it. And that meaning is summed up in the concept, "grey area". An area of "in-between, nothingness, waiting room, no man's land" or whatever.

I AM. Do you hear me, world? I am. No one can take that away from me – the fact that I AM, that I’m a conscious, will-endowed human being looking, deliberating, reacting to what I see. No one can stop me from expressing myself. No one can stop me from acknowledging my Soul Spark, my personal fragment of the Divine Light, “das Vünklein der Seele”.

In the grey area, I AM. In the borderline, no man’s land, the zone, I AM.

- - -

Cover and concealment, fire and movement, firing range – “fire, I want you to learn; fire, I want you to burn”. Fire away, open up; forwards in the grey area, movement as a state in the twilight zone. Grey men in the grey area, a shadow among shadows, a weed among weeds. A brick in the wall, a rail in the railway, a nail in the coffin. Shadowlands.

Shadowlands, no man’s land, twilight zone, grey area, the middle zone. The borderland.

- - -

I am the light, I have the light within and I will never deny that. However, there’s also an artistic value in toning down “the bright light,” in acknowledging “the grey area, the zero point, the basic level, equanimity”. Stoic apatia and vedic samatva. Thus this post, thus these rants, thus this “in between” text, this “doldrums humdrums”.

- - -

This Rimbaud poem sums up my mood right now:
Assez vu. La vision s’est rencontrée à tous les airs.
Assez eu. Rumeurs des villes, le soir, et au soleil, et toujours.
Assez connu. Les arrêts de la vie. – O Rumeurs et Visions!
Départ dans l’affection et le bruit neufs!
In translation this would be:
Seen enough. The vision was met with in every air.
Had enough. Sounds of cities, in the evening and in the sun and always.
Known enough. Life’s halts. – O Sounds and Visions!
Departure in new affection and new noise.
This translation is by Louise Varèse.

- - -

Emptiness and internet, cover and concealment, fire and movement. I am the edge, now and forever.

I’m a survivor. I’m still alive.

I’m the grey area, the black and the white, the dark and the light. The god Abraxas that Jung spoke about, Gnostic concept, the glorious in-between, supra conduction beyond the beyond.

I’m the dark and the light, the black and white – fire and movement, cover and concealment – range of fire, firing range – the silence between the worlds – and the silence within the silence.

“I am that violet consuming flame – that is all mastery and all power – to change all things into divine perfection right now. – I am that I am in action here – now and forever. – Almighty I am – almighty I am – almighty I am.” This mantra is coined by Patricia Cota-Robles, I recite it now and then, it has a certain charm beyond being true. “It’s me, now,” pretty much so.

- - -

Cover and concealment, fire and movement. No man’s land, the grey area. Apatia, samatva.

Fire and movement, grey men at the border, grey woolen uniform. Swedish M/39-58, Finnish, German, Tsarist Russia, Confederate. Pale moon in a grey sky.

Innere Führung. Auftragstaktik. Movement as a state. I am the edge. Über Gräber vorwärts.

Borderline (2015)
Science Fiction Seen from the Right (2016)
A Post with Similar Rants
Pic from the innersleeve of BÖC's Imaginos album.

torsdag 27 oktober 2016


This is a mostly meaningless post, a diary of sorts. In Swedish.

Jag har försökt läsa Goethes "Faust". Jag kommer inte in i den. Den känns meningslös, känns som "välformulerat snömos". Larvig kärlekshistoria, teatralisk djävulsfigur, löjlig pakt. -- Jag gillar nog Goethe bättre som diktare, som poet. Ska det vara tysk dramatik från tidigt 1800-tal föredrar jag istället von Kleist med "Prinsen av Homburg" och "Pentiselia". Mindre larv, mer rakt på sak. Mer trovärdigt.

- - -

Favoriter: Ballard och Tangerine Dream. Det händer att jag lyssnar på Tangerine och läser Ballard, de hänger med genom åren. Båda är dystra nordeuropéer, de saknar kanske "ideell lyftning" men de har substans, de har något. Mer om Ballard här.

- - -

Min bror dog i mars. Han fick därmed inte se "the rise of Donald Trump"... men han missade ju inget för att, se här.

- - -

"I am the edge" är mitt mantra dessa dagar. Är man stressad, höj stressen till sublima nivåer. "Action as being" liksom.

- - -

Om cirka en månad firar bloggen nioårsjubileum. 22/11 sker det. Spännande. Nåja, en icke-händelse är det -- men -- nog har bloggen sin charm, nog finns det ännu saker att skriva om. Och nog finns det saker att länka till, internlänka alltså. Detta är ett, på sätt och vis, imponerande bibliotek av Svenssontexter. Bloggen växer, den utvecklas, om än diskret. "Bloggus mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis" -- bloggen förändras och vi med den.

Dödsruna över Robert Svensson
Bloggens tråd om J. G. Ballard
The Role of Trump
Från vänster till höger, min bror och jag, 2005.

torsdag 20 oktober 2016

Restoration of the USA, October 20, 2016

A restoration of the US governance seems to be in the offing. I've blogged about it before. Now for an update.

This is about the restoration of the constitutional US government. The current, official regime might be an illegal co-option, in essence, a "US, Inc." Some background to this can be found here and here.

So what's happening?

As for me, LS, I just report what I read on the Sananda website.

Why? Because this site gathers esoteric-and-tangible info from various sources.

Now, of course you have to use diligence.

I do that.

So I'm not responsible for all the conceptual nooks and crannies of this.

I report, you decide.

And it's not about "paradise around the corner". It is, for what it seems, about a restoration of American constitutional government.

First in the latest development, we have this:

Some days ago acting President of the real, constitutional US, CJCoS Joseph Dunford, formally handed over power to his superior, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. This was probably a mere technicality. I dont know. The event took place on an Indian Reservation in Reno. The post "New Republic Update -- October 18, 2016" for instance says this about the matter, intimating that "US, Inc." is bankrupt:
President Obama and Vice President Biden were made to resign when Pope Francus released the United States of America Corporation from Vatican ownership in September 2015. The Speaker of the House therefore is next in line for said Interim Presidency per the Constitution.

- - -

In a post I just read today, "'Monumental' Republic Update, October 19, 2016," we get some more info about changes in this matter, structural changes and background on technicalities.

First, it repeats that Ryan was sworn in -- he is now apparently the 45th President of the US Republic. Even though this isn't reported in MSM -- yet -- this actually seems to be the case. The event took place on the Reno reservation for security purposes, it's said.

US, Inc. has defaulted, it is no more. Obama and Biden don't legitimately rule anymore. Therefore, this New Republic duo of Ryan-Dunford has to step in. By being Speaker of the House Ryan is third in line after Obama and Biden, and if US, Inc. has no money and has no power someone has to take charge. And the world seems to agree, as the post in question intimates, by way of the Paris Treaty. (To explain the role of that Treaty in this process, see the entry "Paris Agreement" in this post. The Paris Agreement isn't merely about climate control, it's apparently about introducing the gold standard too.)

So maybe the above said gives a clue to what's really happening in the US now.

But I don't know.

I report what I read. And further in the topical post it says that the US defence forces worldwide are aware of this transition. US, Inc. doesn't command the US Military anymore, as I've reported earlier:
Allegedly, from about the spring of 2016, the US Military does not any longer obey the commands of the formal supreme commander, ”US, Inc. spokesperson Barack Obama”. The US Military is now the only de facto and de jure operating entity left of the real Republic. Historically, the banksters didn’t manage to infiltrate the military as much as it did with all the other branches of government. Therefore, the US Military can form the nucleus of a ”new,” legal, restored government to replace the one currently usurping power, the US, Inc. governance.
- - -

The rest of the Sananda blog post I'm summarizing has some titbits. I give it in full. Read and decide for yourself what this means. Personally I figure that it means "change" but I don't know.

Again, I don't take responsibility for everything said. I just report. You decide.

And so I qoute from the "monumental" blog post:
Please now begin to accept this fact as truth in your own life, as not only will you be receiving news of this event shortly via a mainstream media source (FOX News–which was flipped to be a Republic mouthpiece a la Donald Trump during the course of the election), but soon it will also be announced that the current Presidential election cycle will be indefinitely terminated due to voter fraud and USA, Inc. government corruption.

The Constitution of the United States will once again be restored as the legal document by which the Republic of the United States will adhere to, both domestically and globally, as interim President Ryan will be making this announcement with General Joseph Dunford and his new cabinet.

By Constitutional mandate, he will be forced to assume the title of Commander-in-Chief… until another election cycle is determined and new candidates are appointed. We doubt seriously anyone will be disappointed given the negative approval ratings with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump… which was all by design and culminates tonight in their 3rd Presidential debate… kind of like priming the pump so to now pour out waters of truth.

The Republican Party is expected to nominate incumbent President Ryan as their party’s candidate, and the Democrats will nominate a new candidate also; however this election will be different in that campaign funds will be fixed for all candidates and parties–including third, fourth and fifth party candidates, who will get equal debate time and news coverage. Our election procedures will be changing dramatically in round two.

Be advised it will also be announced that the Federal Reserve Bank has been absorbed by the Republic Treasury and will be announced as in default to its creditors. The Republic will also announce they have returned to the gold standard, and gold now backs new Republic currency that Congress has already approved into law.
Then there's some more paragraphs about currency, economy and such. The whole post can be found here.

- - -

A restoration might be in the offing. As intimated in the post, the fact that the US defence forces mainly seem to be on board could calm you down. That said, of course anything can happen.

Disclaimer: I didn't invent this, I merely report. "Don't shoot at me, I'm only the piano player"...

The Restoration
US, Inc.
Henri Rousseau: "Une soirée au carnaval" (1886)

måndag 17 oktober 2016

Update on Situation, Mid-October 2016

"Change, change, it's all re-arranging..."

A new post on the Sananda website tells of the secret goings on in the US, probably changing it for the better.

I have told about this before this autumn.

See here and here.

And "do your own due diligence" as regards this. I didn't invent this, I'm merely reporting what I find interesting.

In my posts I have stressed the important role of US CJCoS, General Joseph Dunford. And the current Sananda post, "Nesara Intel Report by Veritas, October 16, 2016," tells the following of the man and his role:
General Dunford is the name to watch for. (...) Here’s what is important, very important.

The new Republic as represented by General Dunford has been fully, completely and unalterably accepted by the international community in a fully legal fashion. Though Obama takes credit for everything, it is the Republic that has been recognized and taken action at the G20, with the Paris Accord, and with the IMF, the White Dragon Family [= old Chinese aristocracy, operating out of the Philippines; LS' note] (providing the gold behind the new currency as required by the IMF), the BOC [= Bank of China, LS' note] and their excellent software programmers creating a global interface for the new international transfer and banking system – CIPS, and on and on. The highest court in the world, The Hague, has been involved closely and working with General Dunford on this transition. It is only the American public that is unaware of this currency and this governmental change.
Then we have this:
Even as I write this, the new Republic’s General Dunford, White Dragon Elders and others are pushing the final release of GCR/RV funding out the door. Behind the scenes, this is anything but quiet. General Dunford has had four attempts on his life in the last week. This last one included a sniper shooting at both the General and two Elders as they exited a building. A very, very close call, this one. Both the Elders and the General are now ready for full implementation with no more delays.
A sort of coda is what's said earlier in the post:
The transition is being handled very carefully because you can imagine a public reaction could be lively. Returning to our Constitution is not without its own cost, just as our Founding Fathers experienced in their own dilemma in fighting tyranny.
The whole post can be found here.

- - -

The US governance is about to be restored to its former, constitutional glory. The regime Obama represents is illegal, a co-opted scam. A key role in restoring the Republic is made by Joseph Dunford (and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan).

This is the theory I've presented previously this autumn and the current post confirms it.

US New Republic
Wordlist for the Restauration
US, Inc.
The Role of Trump

söndag 16 oktober 2016

The New Improved Sun (poem)

I wrote this poem.

I'm in love with her and I feel fine --
living in this midsummer century --
praying at the watering place of good peace --
under the new, improved sun.
Far-out words, eh, awe-inspiring poesy of the melodical sort, eternally swinging-singing lines for a new era of humanity? Oh, the humanity...

It's a poem about faith and hope, Svensson style. It expresses what I feel today, very much so.

Jünger and the Craft of Science Fiction
SF Seen from the Right
In Swedish: David Nessle and his Fiction
Pic: a house in CityCity.


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