söndag 8 oktober 2017

Soon There Will Be a Ten-Year Anniversary for This Blog; This Is a Summary of Its English Language Content

Later this autumn we're seeing a glorious non-event: the official ten-year anniversary of this blog. In a Swedish post I will then talk about this and that pertaining to the jubilee. Today, I have this entry in English deliberating on the English language aspect of the blog. -- Edit, December 2017: in this post you'll find the Swedish-language ten-year celebration.

This blog started on November 22, 2007. And now it's October 8, 2017. Thus, we'll soon have a ten-year jubilee. Yahoo.

The blog is called "Svenssongalaxen" in Swedish. In English, that'll be "The Svensson Galaxy". The youngest galaxy in the universe, young and vibrant. And for a blog, rather mature.

- - -

As for entries in English on this blog, Svenssongalaxen, they only came about in the autumn of 2014.

By then, I had published "Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait" so it seemed fitting to blog in English about this. And post some other English language stuff for possible newcomers, for readers of this book wanting more of me.

Writing in English comes rather easy to me now. But I won't abandon the Swedish language just like that.

Since 2014, the blog is a mix of English and Swedish posts. You linguistic-thematic purists out there will have to live with that.

The blog is linguistically in a grey area. As such, it's adding to the general grey-area nature of the blog -- of this blog, the Svensson Galaxy.

- - -

So then; some links maybe, to get some impression of what the English side of this blog is about.

Here, we find the table of contents. English language posts on top.

Other than that, there are some interesting entries to be found. Like these:
. 2014: some notes about American author Clark Ashton Smith.
. 2014: notes written in December of that year, trying to describe the situation.
. 2015: a sample chaper from my Wagner bio.
. 2015: a short entry about the pictures that Julius Evola painted.
. 2016: a mainly pictorial post, showing some of my model soldiers.
. 2016: "Grey Area Gabble," literary and other musings by yours truly.
. 2017: an entry pushing my essay "Borderline," in the process quoting Eliot's "The Hollow Men".
. 2017: a post sketching a main difference among authors, that of being either "a painter" or "a draughtsman".

- - -

And that was that. Next month we'll see the big day. The actual ten-year anniversary. Marked by a post in Swedish.

Table of Contents
Redeeming Lucifer
Science Fiction Seen from the Right
Pic: shunter at Mannaminne outdoor museum, Nordingrå, Ångermanland county.

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