onsdag 11 juli 2012

Tidsandan: världsläget: juli 2012

DN skriver om "fiffel med liborräntan". Jag vet inte vad liborräntan är. Men jag vet vad fiffel är. Se t.ex på miljardfifflet i det amerikanska mäklarföretaget PFG Best, som nu konkursat. Så styrs världen. Jag vet vad högt uppsatta kostymsnubbar sysslar med: stöld, bedrägeri, utpressning. Vi har sett det uppdagas hela våren och vi lär få se mer av detta framöver. dn dn dn svd svd svd svd Fria Tider

Jag läser en text på Galactic Free Press. Den är skriven av en viss Salvardor Russo. Han förutser sammanbrott i eliten, dagens makthavare kommer att möta kaos. Detta kaos beskrivs som...
... violent accidents, assassination, murder, suicides, disappearances, sudden health failures, emergency evacuations, factional war, defections, high-profile lawsuits and scandals, arrests, forced resignations, the abandonment of positions, the seizure of assets, broken alliances, insider whistleblowing, equipment failures, mass revolts, and unexpected changes of heart.
Något pågår i världen. Den rådande ordningen faller ihop, något nytt är på väg. En bra beskrivning av dagens läge fann jag på samma sajt där jag fann Russos text, Galactic Free Press. Det är White Hats som motarbetar bankmaffians så kallade kabal. Man har förhandlat med Londons finanselit, Citys "Lords of London", men det hela hänger. Men det är inte nog för man angriper även säkerhetstjänster här och där:
We have endeavored to expose and identify both the names of the cabal members and their misdeeds, in a form and fashion that provides for a mature, professional method of handling matters on this level. It was our sincere hope the Lords in London would be able to move quickly to handle the business of the business in their country … the largest financial district in the world. We included the individual stories of the victims and the documents that support the prosecution of the parties involved. We have endeavored to provide clear, concise and documented evidence of the above to ALL of the agencies. This objective has been achieved with no stone left unturned.

Among those we provided with evidence are the American, Canadian, European and United Kingdom agencies specifically including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, MI-5 through MI-9, Interpol, Europol, German Policing Agencies, and Bundesbank, just to name a few.

It has not worked.

We concluded that the Bush Cabal was so strong that they could stop the Global Settlements, stop the Iraqi dinar revaluation, stop the CMKX settlements, stop the prosperity packs and all other scheduled settlements. Turns out all of this is a front … another scam to lock our emotional attention on things that desperately matter to people who are suffering in our current time frame. It is a major false flag crafted by the Master, Bush Sr. and his cronies.
Sedan angriper man Obama, som ännu inte övertygar. Han sägs ju vara god av vissa men han är svårdefinierad. White Hats är skeptiska, deras ord är värda att lyssna på:
Then we tried with all of our might to understand the Obama situation. How could any one guy be so flaming stupid? But the American public elected him and as you all know we support the Constitution. The question for Obama is “Really?!” “Mr. President, are you really this stupid or are you the set up – the distraction?” Like when you’re at the three ring circus, and while you watch ring #1, the set is changing in the darkness of ring #3. We must tell you that you are a wonderfully inept stooge. You deserve an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Damn good job. You even had us played for the longest time.

The games you are playing with the Global and other settlements and the Iraqi Dinar revaluation have kept the world not only at bay, but locked in total aggravation for at least three years of the most dangerous financial times to ever exist.

And, Mr. President, we even want to congratulate you on your unbelievable ability to consistently walk around international events and alienate the leaders of the world. The G20 was a major farce on your part, but it was planned and expected, wasn’t it?
Sedan angriper man media. Varför skriver ni om larv och strunt, varför skriver ni om kändisar och nöje när världen håller på att förändras utanför era glaskuber...?
To the “news media”, or what was formerly known as the news media. Where are your guts? Where is your courage? You’re reporting on the Kardashians when people are dying in our world because no one reports the truth on Syria or prints the truth about hundreds of deadly earthquakes now happening weekly. Chemtrails and manufactured weather; bankers buying Congress; the NDAA; Rupert Murdoch threatening the British Prime Minister if he didn’t incite a war with Iraq; the SCOTUS ruling on both the immigration case and ObamaCare, the latter having nothing to do with health care and everything to do with the chip and depopulation. And if your media corporation won’t allow you to cover real news that makes a difference, then line up at the back door of the newsroom and WALK OUT! How can they make their huge dollars when they have no reporters? And more to the point, how can they accept their huge salaries while they sell their soul with every story that they DON’T report?
Något är på gång i världen. Denna White Hats Report tycks mig fånga tidsandan på ett bra sätt.

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Vårfrukyrkan, Enköping

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